Tri-State Lacrosse represents a long-held standard of excellence in athletic education and service.

Mission Statement

The Tri-State mission is to serve young athletes by displaying and demanding mutual respect and providing an intelligent growth environment for lacrosse and character development.

Why Tri-State Lacrosse

Tri-State Lacrosse is a program built on people who practice a long-held standard of excellence in athletic education and service. At our core, we are an organization with a passion for teaching young athletes to achieve at their highest level(s) by working hard, staying grounded, and overcoming adversity. Through teams, events, and coaching resources, we have built the platform to carry out our mission of delivering growth.


“Each Decision Made With Your Teammate in Mind”

By giving of ourselves, we learn the beauty of great relationships. We are all born weak but we grow strong with teammates. It is only through the people we surround ourselves with and the adversity that the game provides, that we can train for the rest of our lives.


“Gratitude For The Game”

Our decisions are a product of our perspective. When we see all of our situations as an opportunity that this game has given to us, then we can change our outlook. It is with this attitude of gratitude that we learn to overcome adversity and make the most of each decision.


“A Focus On The Next Goal”

The future is out of our control and the past is behind us. Growth is about a mindset of maximum effort with the task at hand. Emotional, physical and psychological growth occurs by staying in the moment and working toward one small goal at a time.


The best coaches! Our family has been with Tri-State for 8 years – they are the best around!

– Tri-State 2019 & 2022 Parent

The program has been true to its roots of promoting the sport and the betterment of each and every player. And while other programs will come and go, it is the core of this organization that has made it successful now and in the future. Each of our sons have made lifelong friendships through the bonds of the program and game. The lessons learned through this experience will aid in achieving there short/long term goals and success. As parents, we enjoyed the friendships made with others as the common bonds and spirit of the game brought us together. Enduring the sweltering heat and chilling cold, our unweaving support of team kept us strong as we know the boys were giving maximum effort. God, Family, Lacrosse; three words, but used in the right context, can be the foundation for something great – One Goal!

– Tri-State 2015 & 2018 Parent

True inspiration & mentors don’t come around very often. Thank you Tri-State Lacrosse from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing experience!

– Tri-State 2022 Parent