Boys Lacrosse League @ Turf City Rules

  • Limited Body Contact: Players must always play the ball, period. No hitting at all!!! Equal pressure is allowed while playing defense, and appropriate physical play is allowed to stop an attacker from advancing to the cage. This does not include overly aggressive collisions with the “intent to hit”. Good defensive and athletic positioning is allowed. No Hitting.
  • Short Sticks Only: NCAA Stick Rules Apply. Each team is allowed 1 stick check, after that if the stick is not illegal, the team is charged a TO. If the stick is found illegal immediately after a goal, the goal is removed. Further stick checks result in personal fouls. Once a stick is deemed illegal, for any reason, it stays at the scorers table for the duration of that game, no exceptions.
  • One Handed Checks are Strongly Discouraged!!! Most will result in a flag.
  • Everyone must wear mouthpieces!
  • 1 – 30 second Timeout (TO) per game, per team.  A timeout may not be called with 2-minutes or less remaining in the game.
  • Games are running time with the exception of the last 2-minutes when the score differential is 2-goals or less.
  • Penalties are served under running time except during timeouts (penalty time stops) or in the last 2-minutes of a game when the score differential is 2 goals or less and game time stops and starts on the whistle.
  • A flag down situation and/or penalty being served at the end of regulation in a tie game, will not result in possession to the team possessing the ball at the end of regulation.  Overtime will result with the penalty being served and a face-off.
  • Six players and one goalie on the field at a time.
  • One player must stay back in the defensive zone (generally the goalie).
  • 10 Second Clearing Rule: Defensive team has 10 seconds to clear the ball from the defensive zone, failing to do so results in a turnover. (Rule does not apply during man-down)
  • Back Court Rule: (similar to basketball); does not apply to shots.
  • 3 Goal Rule: Team down by 4 or more goals gets the ball back at midfield after scoring. NO 3-goal rule in the playoffs.
  • All subbing done on the fly. Players must touch the boards to release the subbing player. Subbing early for offensive advantage will result in a change of possession.
  • NO BOARDING! There is a one-yard zone around the outside of the field where the officials will call things very closely.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING! Fighting will lead to expulsion of the entire team from the league without refund.
  • League officials and directors have final say in all rule interpretations.

All rules of play, unless specifically outlined above, follow National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules.

The intent of all of the rules is to keep our athletes safe, while promoting athletic and effective play, the highest level of sportsmanship, and advance the skill and athletic level of all our athletes as lacrosse players.