Girls Lacrosse Indoor League @ Turf City Rules

Tri-State Lacrosse offers Indoor Leagues as a training tool designed to further the player’s ability, establish strong team communication and ability to think and react quickly during game play. In doing so, it is important that this playing environment be safe for all players and encourage a positive experience for all players. In doing so, we have created a set of rules that look to honor the game while protecting the players. Please take a moment to become familiar with the rules of the league as they are listed below

In addition to these league specific rules, Tri-State Lacrosse follows all US Lacrosse Rules of play. So although not listed, they are still in effect.  The rules listed below are those that are unique to our indoor leagues buy generic cialis.


  • 7 Field Player + 1 Goalie = 8 Players of the field per team.
  • 2 Players need to hold at the midline, allowing 5 players to cross over.
  • A draw is done to start the game only.
  • After the start of the game, goalies clear ball in the other direction after each goal.
  • Goalie must clear to the defensive side of the midline unless they have been played out of the crease.
  • 3 Pass Rule in effect (3 passes must be made before going to goal, can include the goalie clear).
  • Mouth guards and goggles must be worn at all times.
  • buy cialis online MS Checking Rules: Modified Checking (below the shoulder only) and 3 Seconds (if a player is in good defensive body position for 3 seconds, the ball is awarded to that player)
  • buy generic cialis pills online HS Checking Rules: Full legal checking as determined by US Lacrosse Rules
  • canadian pharmacies online 5 Goal Rule: If a team is down by 5 or more goals, they will receive the ball at the center and only 1 pass is needed to go to goal. This is in effect until the goal differential is less than 5 goals.
  • If there is a turnover on the attacking side of the field and the team regains possession before the defense clears the midfield line, the attack can go straight to goal.
  • All games are running time.