Tri-State National Rules


The Tri-State National Summer Lacrosse Festival is a LIMITED BODY CHECKING TOURNAMENT. Limited body contact is most simply defined as always playing the ball if there is ever a choice between body and man. Limited body contact is allowed by defenders while defending the goal in applied pressure situations. Blatant big hits are not allowed.

2022, 2021, 2020 & 2019 Divisions

Will follow NCAA rules of play.  The most notable changes are:

  • 30 seconds to clear the ball.
  • On flag down situations, play continues until the ball goes out of bounds or the opposing team picks up the ball.
  • 30 second shot clock goes in effect when officials signal for stalling.
  • No “Keep It In” during the last 2 minutes.
  • Quick Whistles on restarts (this includes immediate start on end lines and not providing goalies 5 seconds to get back in the cage)

2026, 2025, 2024, 2023, & 2022 Divisions

Unless stated differently below, will follow National High School Federation Rules.  This provides consistency across regions as youth rules can vary from state to state.

There will be NO COUNTS or “IN & OUT” for the Youth age brackets except for the last 2 minutes when COUNTS (10 & 20 second) and “IN & OUT” (refers to the need for team that is up to keep it in the box) will be in effect for the winning team.

2026/2027 Future Stars will not use Counts or “In & Out” at any point.


  • All games will consist of two (2) 19-minute periods (running time) with a 2-minute halftime.
  • Time will be kept by a central horn.
  • All subbing is done on the fly.
  • NO time outs allowed.
  • Penalties will be served under “Stop Time” (meaning the penalty time does stop on whistles).  Penalty time will be kept by the scorers tent at each field.
  • Game balls will be provided and back-ups along the end lines.  PLEASE DO NOT PICK UP END LINE BALLS WHEN PASSING FIELDS.
  • There will be a four-goal rule in effect for ALL seeding games: Team down by four (4) or more goals will be awarded the ball at midfield after each goal. Rule IS NOT used in playoff games.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the 38-minute regulation game, there will be a three (3) minute overtime period played by sudden victory rules with full teams. If teams remained tied after the first overtime, the score will be a tie. Both teams will receive one (1) point.
  • ALL teams qualify for the playoffs.


  • Score will be kept at each field by a scorekeeper.
  • Scores will be entered into TourneyMachine following each game.
  • All scores become final for seeding purposes 10 minutes after the final game in division have concluded.
  • Any contested scores must be done so at the HQ tent.  DO NOT EMAIL CONTESTED SCORES.

Seeding for the playoffs will be determined by points after the last regular game. Sunday will begin the playoffs. Seedings will be posted online at

WIN = 2 pts    |     TIE = 1 pt     |     LOSS = 0 pts

(1) Head-To-Head   (2) Goals Against   (3) Goal Differential  (4) Coin Flip

*Note, there is a 10 goal cap on goal differential.  Teams benefit by playing good defense, not running up scores.

Verbal abuse of an official or tournament staff member will result in immediate exclusion of the ENTIRE TEAM or the OFFENDING INDIVIDUAL from the tournament. If applicable, the ejected team’s playoff opponent will receive a bye.

State law requires the authorities be called if any individual, be it spectator or coach, makes physical contact with an official or tournament staff member.

Any concerns regarding officials, opposing players/coaches should notify the HQ tent or the scorers tent immediately.  They will be able to contact the appropriate director to address your concerns.

Playing a player out of an age bracket may result in TEAM DISQUALIFICATION and a two (2) year suspension from the Tri-State National Summer Lacrosse Festival.