Girls Indoor Lacrosse League FAQs

How do I register?

Registration will be made available by September 1, 2014. Players will be able to sign-up online using the Register Button above.

Are there any discounts available?

We offer discounts for teams and siblings. Teams should contact Ross Turco for more information on team rates. Sibling discounts are available through the online registration system by registering more than one player on the same order.

What does my league fee include?

The league fee includes 10 scheduled games including playoffs at the end of the season and a league reversible. Tri-State staff oversees all league operations including games, however we do provide coaching.

How will I be notified of my team/schedule?

Rosters and schedules are posted online at least 3 days prior to the start of the season. Schedules are posted through a schedule app that will allow you to sign up for future notifications of schedule changes and/or cancellations.
Schedules are week-by-week for the 1st 2 weeks of the season. After the 2nd week, we will post a full schedule.

What is the game format?

Players should be prepared to play one (1) game each week. The game clock does start as soon as the previous game ends. Players should be ready to step on the field right away to ensure maximum playing time. All games are 8v8, with 7 field players and a goalie. Players are required to wear the same equipment that they would during their outdoor season.

How are rosters formed?

Players are rostered based on their Spring Program (Town or HS, depending on age). Tri-State makes every effort to put players from the same town/school on the same team. Full team entry is allowed and we do offer a team rate to do so. Contact Ross Turco for more information on doing so.

How many players are on a roster?

Rosters are generally made up of 16-20 players, unless submitted under the team rate. When registering under the team rate, it is up to the team how many players they carry, however 16-20 is still recommended.

How are we notified if there is a cancellation/delay due to weather?

In the event of a change to the schedule because of weather, we will post a notification on our website through our Twitter feed.  You can also sign up for schedule change notifications through the schedule app.

How will we be notified if there is a change to the schedule, non-weather related?

On rare occasions we have to make changes to the schedule.  You can sign up for notifications through the schedule app once it is posted.

If I sign up for notifications, how often will I receive texts/emails and what kind of information is it used for?

Text message alerts are only to send out league related notifications. If there are no changes to the schedule or weather related updates, you will not receive a text.