Boneyard Battle Rules & Waivers

Individual Player Waivers

All players must submit a waiver in order to participate.  Waivers are sent to parents via TourneyTeam by TourneyMachine.

Boneyard Battle Rules

Tri-State’s Boneyard Battle Is A Festival Format.     |     Official Score Will Not Be Kept.     |     40-Minute Games     |     No Timeouts     |     US Lacrosse Youth Rules Apply

Field Of Play

8v8 : 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 3 Middies & 1 Goalie

Maximum 3 long poles on the field at one time, as well as 1 goalie stick.


Must have 3 players on the defensive side of the mid-field line and 2 players on the offensive side.


For violation, violating player may stay on the field and drop in to play defense.


All penalties will result in one lap around the entire field.  Excessive penalties result in 2 full laps at the official’s discretion.  There are no time serving penalties.

Players involved in fighting or severe unsportsmanlike behavior will be ejected from the game and potentially the tournament.

Two-Point Arc

Fields will be lined with a 2-point arc.  To have the goal count for 2-points, you must be fully behind the line when attempting the shot.  Toes on the line will only count for 1-point.


Standard 4 second goalie/crease count will be in effect.

2021/2022 Division – A team will have 20 seconds from time of possession anywhere on the field outside of their offensive box to get it into the their offensive box.  Once in, there are no further counts.  Under 2-Minutes must “Get It In” within 20 seconds and must “Keep It In” their offensive half of the field.

Clearing counts will not be used in younger divisions at any point.