Denver Quarterfinal

No. 1 Notre Dame vs. Albany

Coming off of an unexpectedly stellar performance against Towson, Nick Ossello and PJ Finley appear to have the advantage for Notre Dame. Losing a majority of the face-offs is nothing new for Albany and in fact this expected deficit is less than what they faced against Cornell last weekend.

  • Nick Ossello wins 56.4% against Cason Liles
  • Nick Ossello wins 64.8% against Stone Sims
  • PJ Finley wins 57.3% against Cason Liles
  • PJ Finley wins 65.6% against Stone Sims

No. 4 Denver vs. Ohio State

Coming off of his first sub-50% performance of the season, Denver’s Trevor Baptiste looks to rebound against Ohio State.

  • Trevor Baptiste wins 60.8% against Christopher May
  • Trevor Baptiste wins 69.5% against Jake Withers

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