by Mark Millon as told to Corey McLaughlin | | Twitter

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Two-time Team USA member and National Lacrosse Hall of Fame attackman Mark Millon has taken up golf recently. And while evaluating his tee-to-green game, with the help of video, he had a eureka moment for using technology to help teach what he considers one of the hardest moves for an offensive player to pull off: the split dodge.

He recorded himself doing it. He watched replays of planting his front foot in the ground, shaking to the side and bursting up field. Then he mapped out the movements into a simple pattern and laid out the framework on the ground with lacrosse sticks.

“My go-to dodge was always a split dodge. If you look at the top players in the MLL or college, they all feature a split dodge. I’ve been teaching this a long time, but I’d always just call it the stutter-step,” said Millon, the founder of Millon Lacrosse Camps and former two-time All-American at UMass. “I really figured out a way to use these tools on the ground. If you do the progressions that I’m teaching and you work on your hands as well, and spend a lot of time working on this, you’re going to make yourself a really dangerous player.”