All-Star Athlete Mike Shinske (@MikeShin15) Wins KDL the Mag Cover Voting

One of Shawnee High School’s star athletes Mike Shinske believes that a strong work ethic and teamwork leads to success on the field. Shinske is a versatile three-sport varsity athlete in lacrosse, basketball, and football at Shawnee. Under coach Erik Stilley, Shinske has thrived as an athlete, teammate, and honors student. In the off-season, Shinske plays for the club-team Tri-State Lacrosse under the coaching of MV Whitlow and Don Green. He has aspirations to attend Penn State University upon graduating in 2017.

As a freshman on the basketball team, his most notable accomplishment is holding the record for 3rd most assists for Shawnee basketball. In addition to being a gifted athlete, Shinske excels in academics, carrying an exceptional GPA of 3.7 and honors in English and Italian AP courses.

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Shinkse believes that a great way to improve your performance in lacrosse is to work on off-ball movement and off-hand skill, as well as building up your athleticism by consistently working out in the weight room. Shinkse has an exceptional work-ethic and always gives 100% He is always supportive of the other players and teammates, succeeding in bringing out the best in them.

Shinske is a fast player, hard worker, and intellectually gifted student. His passion for lacrosse involves the team aspects of the game and the sense of fulfillment he gets from sharing in his successes with his peers. He states that what he has learned in high school is a persistence and willingness to commit to hard work that will allow anyone to find success in the world. His philosophy is to always be tenacious and never give up, but along the way of accomplishing your dreams, be sure to share the moment with your teammates and coaches. He hopes his teammates will know that he always puts them ahead of himself and that team success is his ultimate goal. Shinske is a superb example of athleticism and sportsmanship brought about through discipline and teamwork, which stems from his role model– his father. Shinske’s father motivates him to go above and beyond, both athletically and academically.


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