Tournaments / National / FAQ


What is your filming policy?
We do have an exclusive agreement with Next Level Video for all filming at the event.  We will not be allowing any other professional filming services in the event.  Amateur filming (i.e. parents, friends, siblings) using personal equipment may film as long as filming equipment is eye level or below.

Can we tailgate?
Teams are encouraged to set up tents and create a “tailgating” atmosphere minus the adult beverages.  Grilling is allowed in and around the pavilion next to Field 2.

Will there be food options on-site?
We are excited to offer some incredible food at the event.  This includes Gyros-To-Go (Greek Food Truck), Tower Dogs (Gourmet Hot Dog Food Truck), Maui Wowi Smoothie and Goldy’s Ice Cream Truck.

Where is handicapped parking located?
Those attendees with a handicapped parking decal, will be allowed to park in the VIP parking section.  Please have your decal visible to show parking attendants.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are allowed within Mercer County Park as long as they are on a leash and you are diligent about picking up after your fido.  Additionally, there is a dog park within Mercer County Park if you want to run him/her around a little more!

Mercer Community College does not allow dogs.

Can we bring our RV?
RV’s can be brought to the park and left overnight, however the park does not have any hook-ups available.  Please contact Courtney Turco | in advance to arrange parking.


When will the schedule be posted?
Schedules are posted the week of the tournament.

Will I have a Friday Game?
NO.  We have been able to work it out this year to NOT have Friday evening games.

How early can games start?
The first possible game will be at 7:45am on Saturday morning.

Will I have a game on Sunday?
Yes, all teams make the playoffs and you will have at least one game on Sunday.

What is the latest my game could end on Sunday?
The last championship is usually completed by 7pm. Some brackets will conclude as early as Noon.


Will College Coaches be there?

Where can I find a list of coaches that are attending?
You will receive exposure to every school in the country.  Coaches view players by both attending on-site and virtual recruiting.  We are not permitted to provide a specific list of coaches in attendance prior to the event.

What is virtual recruiting?
The Tri-State National utilizes CoachPacket evaluation software.  Every HS game will be filmed in HD from an elevated position and loaded into CoachPacket.  The tournament has opted to make all games available to all college coaches at no charge to the coaches (some events and sports do charge coaches for this service).

What if there are specific schools I am looking to be seen by?
Your best bet is to let them know you will be attending. For the best way to go about that, contact your coach or program director.  Program directors will also be provided a direct link to send to college coaches for the event.


What is the closest airport?
Philadelphia (PA) and Newark (NJ) are both about 60 miles from the event.

Where should I book my hotel room?
We suggest choosing a hotel in the greater Princeton area.  This includes towns such as West Windsor, East Windsor, Cranbury, Monroe, Ewing and South Brunswick.

Where my team will be playing?
All games are at Mercer County Park and Mercer Community College.  The fields at both locations are adjacent to each other and easily be traveled to and from by foot.

Due to the size of the park, there is not a physical street address.  We suggest using the college’s address for GPS purposes:  Mercer Community College | 1200 Old Trenton Rd. | West Windsor, NJ